Paul McAleer
Paul McAleer
Helping people by design.

A glance at the present.

The long now

  • Living in the greater Denver, CO area.
  • Working at Rightpoint.
  • Working on a book, slowly. No ETA yet, but there are a lot of words to edit.
  • Contemplating another regular communication method in the vein of The Weekly, the newsletter I ran from 2014-2017.

The short now

  • Tweeting semi-regularly, including a “good morning” tweet daily.
  • Compiling & iterating on a publicly-available set of beliefs and a codex vitae for myself.
  • Binge-watching DS9 (currently in S5), Person of Interest (S2); dipping in to intermittent eps of TNG and VOY.
  • Listening to a mix of music as always; enjoying the latest New Pornographers tracks and old familiar faves like Spoon.
  • Just moved to a new house. I had no idea my hands would get so dry from handling all that cardboard.

The perpetual now

  • Communicating with friends and family via Twitter, email, Slack.
  • Working on making my friendships and relationships better.
  • Wondering what is next.
  • Worried about the future of our country, and the people I know and love, with a fascist in power.

This is a now page. Idea by Derek Silvers; stolen from Sarah Withee. If you have a website, you should have a now page too.