Welcome! I'm Paul, and I'm dedicated to helping people improve themselves through my work in design, speaking, and writing.

Photo by Paul Goyette

Photo by Paul Goyette

I co-host the podcast Designing Yourself with my friend Whitney Hess. It's all about exploring the human experience. You should subscribe

I'm a UX strategist at Centralis, a fantastic user experience research & design firm in Evanston, IL. We make products, apps, and websites satisfying to use.

I've spoken at SXSW, UX STRAT, and World IA Day.

I write a lot about things that interest me: UX, processes, people, Buddhism, shoes. My blog has the longform stuff, and Twitter has the shortform stuff (surprise!)

Don't want to read everything? I understand. Here's three to get you started.


People have said lovely things about me:

"...Paul is a genuinely good person, always ready to offer a helping hand to a colleague. He was awesome to work with!" - Anu Ramaswamy, customer experience strategist & designer

"He is a fantastic leader and mentor and will go on to be a driving force in the UX community." - John Jarosz, Experience Design Practice Lead at ThoughtWorks

"While working for Paul I felt very supported and empowered to reach my personal goals." - Vinson Gracia, CIO, PlanMatcher, Inc.