What happens when you treat your life as a design project?

I'd been working in the UX field for years before I realized, “These processes are a really good way to design one's life too!” And I've been the guinea pig for my approach:

Doing the research

Observe yourself, your body, and your assumptions

Setting the strategy

Define your intentions, make goals and projects

Running small experiments

Try things and learn from them

Gathering feedback

Listen to the important people in your life

People have said lovely things about me

“...Paul is a genuinely good person, always ready to offer a helping hand to a colleague. He was awesome to work with!” - Anu Ramaswamy, customer experience strategist & designer

“He is a fantastic leader and mentor and will go on to be a driving force in the UX community.” - John Jarosz, Experience Design Practice Lead at ThoughtWorks

“While working for Paul I felt very supported and empowered to reach my personal goals.” - Vinson Gracia, CIO, PlanMatcher, Inc.